Choir Of Men And Boys Of St. Thomas Episcopal Church – My Favorite Hymns


Title: My Favorite Hymns
Artist: Choir Of Men And Boys Of St. Thomas Episcopal Church w/Leontyne Price
Year: 1966
Genre: Choral
Type: Mixed aged, mixed gender

Though Leontyne Price is technically the “star” of this album, we’re not hear for the soulful voice of a grown women, and the boys of the choir provide a gorgeous backdrop to both the leading lady as well as the men.


V/A – 24 Top Pop Anak-Anak


Title: 24 Top Pop Anak-Anak
Artist: Various artists
Year: 1992
Genre: Pop
Type: Mixed gender

This cassette chronicles some of the more popular Indonesian children’s songs, most of them coming from cartoons.  My favorite is probably “Kura2 Ninja,” a high-energy theme for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

This particular tape comes from Brave New World, who specialize in Asian and European hardcore and punk, as well as whatever other interesting things the author runs across.  If their link dies, then please comment and I will re-upload it for you.


Amanda Whitt – Power Child


Title: Power Child (sampler)
Artist: Amanda Whitt
Year: 1986-89
Genre: Metal
Type: Girls only

I recently managed to get a kid who I work with at my local community center into metal, and he’s really taken off with the concept – he likes to headbang, he’ll say “that’s what metal is,” he promises me front row seats to his future concerts – and it reminded me of an infamous girl by the name of Amanda.

Amanda Whitt, now all grown up, recorded some legendary tapes with her brothers between the ages of 8 and 11.  Contained within are crazy noise/metal/punk(?) songs that are powered by her growling and shrieking vocals and often accompanied by the banging of pots and bands.  It’s not exactly what one might call “charming,” but it’s definitely captivating.  I’m a huge fan of children performing with absolutely no adult supervision, because it really creates something that’s special that would no doubt be categorized as outsider music.  You can read more about Amanda and the tapes here.


Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows (1979)


Title: Violence Grows
Artist: Fatal Microbes
Year: 1979
Genre: Punk
Type: Girl only

I’ve been on a punk listening kick, so I figured I’d share some.  This particular album is the musical debut of the singer Honey Bane, who was only 14 at the time of recording.  She continued to do punk and new wave, including a collaboration with the famous punk band Crass.  She’s still doing music, and you can check out her official site.


Oi Baptist Church -Koko ni Ai ga Aru (1982)


Title: ここに愛がある (Koko ni Ai ga Aru, “There Is Love Here”)
Artist: Oi Baptist Church
Year: 1982
Genre: Choral
Type: Mixed gender

Happy New Year to all!  I hope you’re enjoying yourselves.  One thing I hope to do in the new year is find more obscure albums – those albums with little to no information on the net, those albums you buy out of curiosity, those albums that are sometimes like enigmas.  On that note, today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite obscure albums from the collection.

What I managed to find in a used bookstore smack in the middle of the southern USA was a 2-record LP from a Japanese Baptist church.  Contained within were both classic religious songs as well as original songs composed by church members.  This was a real treat to find: since choirs are often religious or church-affiliated in nature, and Japan is a predominantly secular nation, it’s not something you’d expect to just find laying around.  As per the purpose of this blog, I’ve only ripped the music that was performed by the church’s child members.

The children range in age from pre-schoolers to elementary schoolers, accompanied by a piano and, on a few songs, the angklung.  I think there’s a refreshing charm to their voices that’s missing in more professional choirs – my favorite moment on the album is in the first track where you can hear a boy cough within the first ten seconds.


Bielefelder Kinderchor – A German Christmas (1961)


Title: A German Christmas
Artist: Bielefelder Kinderchor
Year: 1961
Genre: Choral
Type: Boys only

A trip to my town’s German Christmas market this weekend reminded me that I had this record sitting around.  So here’s a post to Christmas multi-culturalism!  Contained within are the “Traditional Yuletide Songs of Germany” that the cover promises.